Transient Stability Improvement using Thyristor Switched Series Capacitor (TSSC) FACTS Device

Transient stability improvement using Thyristor Switched Series Capacitor (TSSC) FACTS device


In recent years, power demand has increased substantially while the expansion of power generation and transmission has been severely limited due to limited resources and environmental restrictions. As a consequence, some transmission lines are heavily loaded and the system stability becomes a power transfer-limiting factor. Flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) controllers have been mainly used for solving various power system steady state control problems. However, recent studies reveal that the FACTS controllers could be employed to enhance power system stability in addition to their main function of power flow control. The literature shows an increasing interest in this subject for the last two decades, where the enhancement of system stability using FACTS controllers has been extensively investigated. This paper presents transient stability enhancement of power system using Thyristor Switched Series Capacitor (TSSC) device. The performance of IEEE 9 Bus system is evaluated with and without TSSC device. This approach has been simulated using MATLAB /SIMULINK.


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