Smart Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring and Tracking System using GSMGPS Technologies

Smart Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring and Tracking System using GSM/GPS Technologies


Health monitoring systems have rapidly evolved recently, and smart systems have been proposed to monitor patient current health conditions, in our proposed and implemented system, we focus on monitoring the patient’s blood pressure, and his body temperature. Based on last decade statistics of medical records, death rates due to hypertensive heart disease, shows that the blood pressure is a crucial risk factor for atherosclerosis and ischemic heart diseases; thus, preventive measures should be taken against high blood pressure which provide the ability to track, trace and save patient’s life at appropriate time is an essential need for mankind. Nowadays, Globalization demands Smart cities, which involves many attributes and services, such as government services, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), energy, health care, water and waste. This paper proposes a system architecture for smart healthcare based on GSM and GPS technologies. The objective of this work is providing an effective application for Real Time Health Monitoring and Tracking. The system will track, trace, monitor patients and facilitate taking care of their health; so efficient medical services could be provided at appropriate time. By Using specific sensors, the data will be captured and compared with a configurable threshold via microcontroller which is defined by a specialized doctor who follows the patient; in any case of emergency a short message service (SMS) will be sent to the Doctor’s mobile number along with the measured values through GSM module. furthermore, the GPS provides the position information of the monitored person who is under surveillance all the time. Moreover, the paper demonstrates the feasibility of realizing a complete end-to-end smart health system responding to the real health system design requirements by taking in consideration wider vital human health parameters such as respiration rate, nerves signs … etc. The system will be able to bridge the gap between patients – in dramatic health change occasions- and health entities who response and take actions in real time fashion.


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