LocaWard A Security and Privacy Aware Location-Based Rewarding System

LocaWard: A Security and Privacy Aware Location-Based  Rewarding System

The proliferation of mobile devices has driven the mobile marketing to surge in the past few years. Emerging as a new type of mobile marketing, mobile location-based services (MLBSs) have attracted intense attention recently. Unfortunately, current MLBSs have a lot of limitations and raise many concerns, especially about system security and users’ privacy. In this paper, we propose a newlocation-based rewarding system, called LocaWard, where mobile users can collect location-basedtokens from token distributors, and then redeem their gathered tokens at token collectors for beneficialrewards. Tokens act as virtual currency. The token distributors and collectors can be any commercial entities or merchants that wish to attract customers through such a promotion system, such as stores, restaurants, and car rental companies. We develop a security and privacy aware location-basedrewarding protocol for the LocaWard system, and prove the completeness and soundness of the protocol. Moreover, we show that the system is resilient to various attacks and mobile users’ privacycan be well protected in the meantime. We finally implement the system and conduct extensive experiments to validate the system efficiency in terms of computation, communication, energy consumption, and storage costs.

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