Movable road divider for organized vehicular traffic control with monitoring over internet of things (IoT)

Movable Road Divider For Organized Vehicular Traffic Control With Monitoring Over Internet Of Things (IOT)



Technical specification

Title                             :           Movable Road Divider For Organized Vehicular Traffic Control

With Monitoring Over Internet Of Things (IOT)

Domain                       :           Embedded Systems

Communication           :           IOT Module

Controller                    :           AT89S52

Crystal                         :           12MHz

Motors                         :           DC Motors

Sensors                        :           IR

Applications                :           Roads, heavy traffic …



          Road Divider is generically used for dividing the Road for ongoing and incoming traffic. This helps keeping the flow of traffic; generally there is equal number of lanes for both ongoing and incoming traffic.

The problem with Static Road Dividers is that the number of lanes on either side of the road is fixed. Since the resources are limited and population as well as number of cars per family is increasing, there is significant increase in number of cars on roads. This calls for better utilization of existing resources like number of lanes available.

For example, in any city, there is industrial area or shopping area where the traffic generally flows in one direction in the morning or evening. The other side of Road divider is mostly either empty or very under utilized. This is true for peak morning and evening hours. This results in loss of time for the car owners, traffic jams as well as under utilization of available resources.

Our aim is to formulate a mechanism of automated road divider that can shift lanes, so that we can have number of lanes in the direction of the rush. The cumulative impact of the time and fuel that can be saved by adding even one extra lane to the direction of the rush will be significant. With the smarter planet application proposed below, we will also eliminate the dependency on manual intervention and manual traffic coordination so that we can have a smarter traffic all over the city.

An Automated road divider can provide a solution to the above mentioned problem effectively. Here Low, Medium and High density of traffic value will be posted on IOT server as a graph.

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