A Novel Software Model for Enhancement of System Performance and Security through an Optimal Placement of PMU & FACTS

A novel software model for enhancement of system performance and security through an optimal placement of PMU & FACTS


Secure operation of power systems requires proper monitoring of the system operating conditions. PMU (Phasor measurement units) are the device which uses synchronized signals from the Geometric Positioning Satellite System(GPS) satellites and provide the phasors information of voltage and currents at a given substation. To avoid redundant use of PMUs, the optimal locations for the Phasor measurement units must be determined. The objective of this paper is to make power system fully observable by using minimal number of Phasor measurement units & the implementation of stability software at 220kV grid for on-line estimation of the power system transfer capability based on voltage and thermal limitations and for security monitoring. This software utilizes State Estimator (SE) and synchrophasor PMU data sets for determining the power system operational margin under normal and contingency conditions. This software improves security of transmission system by continuously monitoring operational margin expressed in MW or in bus voltage angles, and alarms the operator if the margin violates a pre-defined threshold.



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