Localization and Sizing of FACTS Devices for Optimal Power Flow in a System Consisting Wind Power Using HBMO

Localization and sizing of FACTS devices for optimal power flow in a system consisting wind power using HBMO


This paper presents the effective localization and sizing of the FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) devices in power system by HBMO (Honey-Bees Mating Optimization) algorithm. The aim of this paper is to reduce the generation costs, transmission costs, and costs of power losses. Other goals are improving the voltage profile of system and enhancing loadability of the system. In recent years, there is much attention towards the use of renewable energy units, like wind power generation units, in power systems. In this paper, wind farms have been taken into account in the system under study and K-means clustering algorithm is applied in clustering the data related to the wind farms’ output power. The simulation results obtained from applying three FACTS devices such as TCSC, UPFS, and SVC to the test system are compared with each other. IEEE 30-bus system is used as the test network for the investigation of system parameters.


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