e-Banking synopsys


In the current Internet age, every application is being ported to web and allows the users to connect with the system and work online. It has allowed people to remove the barriers of time and distance. Competition and changes in technology and lifestyles have changed the face of banking. Banking being the main financial backbone of any economy cannot stay behind. Nowadays, banks are seeking alternative ways to provide and differentiate their services. Customers, both corporate and retail, are no longer willing to queue in banks, or wait on phones, for the most basic of services. They demand and expect to be able to transact their financial dealings where and when they wish. With the number of computers increasing every year, the electronic delivery of banking services is becoming the ideal way for banks to meet their client’s expectations.

Online banking or e-banking can be defined as online systems which allow customers to plug into a host of banking services from a personal computer by connecting with the bank’s computer over telephone wires. Technology continues to make online banking easier for average consumers. Banks use a variety of names for online banking services, such as PC banking, home banking, electronic banking or Internet banking. Regardless of the name, these systems offer certain advantages over traditional banking methods.


This application is designed to implement the banking solution on the web to enable the customers to transact, sitting at their PC, making their account available to them 24 hours a day.  While the customer has all the options of transactions online, the administrative functions are still limited to the bank officials.


The system should allow the customers to perform the following tasks online:


View Account Balance Online

Transfers between account

Cheque book issue request

DD Issue request

Change the personal details

The system should also allow the bank officials to do the following operations:

Open a new account and create a new user

Service the cheque book issue request

Service the DD issue request

Freeze / unfreeze an account

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