Non invasive Blood Pressure Remote Monitoring in cloud over internet of things

Non Invasive blood pressure remote monitoring over internet of Things(IOT)


With the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as smartphones, sensors, cameras. It is possible to collect massive amount of data for localization and tracking of Health of the patient. This project describes the design of a simple, low-cost controller based patient health monitoring system.).

It is ideal for continuous monitoring in operation theatres, I.C. units, biomedical/human engineering studies and sports medicine.

This project uses AT89S52 MCU as its controller. By reading all the values those will be displayed on LCD. The Blood Pressure will also be updated in the web server using IoT module connected to the controller. The blood pressure module will give the systolic and diastolic values.

This project uses regulated 5V, 750mA power supply. 7805 three terminal voltage regulator is used for voltage regulation. Bridge type full wave rectifier is used to rectify the ac out put of secondary of 230/12V step down transformer. Blood Pressure will be displayed on the LCD display which is connected to the Microcontroller.

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