Application Developer




This project JAD (JAVA APPLICATION DEVELOPER)” is to develop a Wizard and a Text Pad, which has developed using the Java Language. Java applet applications are mostly used in the web pages, the coding for applets takes considerable amount of users time. Sun Micro system does not provide any kind of tool for creating the application with out writing source code.

This project provides an intelligent environment containing a number of ready-made tools to create the application with out writing the source code. These ready-made tools may be any of the GUI components that are available in the Java AWT package. By using this Wizard, users can compile and run the generated source code with out going to the DOS prompt. The applet applications generated using the Wizard can be accessed in the web pages also. The wizard can be used to generate screen design for any back end table. The Text Pad can be used as a Java editor where compilation and execution of applications are possible. Using the Text Pad we can also write source code for the stand alone applications in Java.

The software was successfully implemented and applet applications were created, compiled, and they were successfully used in the web pages.


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