Advanced Secured System




“ADVANCED SECURED SYSTEM” deals with the Server based Information and Maintenance of the Server. This system is used to reduce the workload of the server. It provides mail services, chat services between the clients and it also response to the client requests. This system is designed as a middleman between the client and the server. This system provides all kinds of services to the clients like file transfer, mail, chat etc… This system is cost-effective and provides a security like firewall to the server.  Though there are any software available in the market there is no popular server in terms of cost and providing services. Developed in java platform will be an advantage to this software. This can be used in various platforms.


The main objective of this software is to

  • Speed up the data transfer
  • Check for virus file
  • Provide mail, chat services
  • Strong authentication
  • Sharing resources
  • Flexibility


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