Intelligence Knowledge Based Retorter

Intelligence Knowledge Based Retorter


The Project “Intelligence Knowledge Based Retorter” is to implement effective communication between software professionals in a software company. Retorter means a variable that is used to keep track of anything that must be counted. The programming language determines the number of counters (variables) that are available to a programmer.

In software company interaction between Project managers, project leaders, team leaders and programmers are very essential for successful completion of a project. This project enables an effective interaction between them.

Every software company maintains the standard code. If a person new to the company, he / she cannot be able to write code for that company standard. This project provides the feature of intelligence knowledge based reply of standard code for trainees. So minimum training is enough. This system is implemented with Artificial Intelligence concept for delivering message to programmers. Some programmer’s may need same concept or source.  Such source or concept may have already discussed between previous PL and Programmers, those details are kept automatically through this system and replies when the same standard code is needed.

Through this project daily status of the each programmer is reported to server automatically and also login and logout details are maintained automatically. If server detects any continuous ideal process it reports and shutdowns the system automatically


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