Measurement System With Accelerometer Integrated RFID Tag for Infrastructure Health Monitoring

Measurement System with Accelerometer Integrated RFID Tag  For Infrastructure Health Monitoring


This paper presents a measurement system for measuring dynamic acceleration of infrastructure remotely using semipassive radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag. This measurement is critical to the vibration-based method for infrastructure health monitoring. Design considerations of accelerometer integrated ultrahigh-frequency RFID tag and dynamic acceleration measurements through an RFID wireless link are discussed. Measurement results of the system for a structural specimen have shown that it is capable of acquiring data which provides the information of natural frequency of the structural specimen. Moreover, the system can distinctively identify the state changes of the structural specimen by natural frequency shifts. These results are benchmarked against the results obtained with two commercial systems. It is shown that the standard deviation of the measurement of the natural frequency is ±0.01 Hz which is very close to the standard deviation of the commercial measurement systems.


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