A Delay-Sensitive Multicast Protocol for Network Capacity Enhancement in Multirate MANETs

A Delay-Sensitive Multicast Protocol for Network Capacity Enhancement  in Multirate MANETs


Due to significant advances in wireless modulation technologies, some MAC standards such as 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g can operate with multiple data rates for QoS-constrained multimedia communication to utilize the limited resources of MANETs more efficiently. In this paper, by means of measuring the busy/idle ratio of the shared radio channel, a method for estimating one-hop delay is first suggested. Then, by constructing a multicast tree, a delay-sensitive multicast protocol for real-time applications in multirate MANETs is proposed. In order to increase the network capacity, the proposed multicast protocol intends to minimize the sum of the total transmission time of the forwarders and the total blocking time of the blocked hosts, by taking the neighboring information of the forwarders into account and properly adjusting the data rates of the forwarders. Simulation results show that the proposed delay estimation method is more accurate, as compared with previous works. Besides, the proposed multicast protocol can induce higher network capacity, while satisfying the delay requirement.


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