A Novel Design of Reversible 2 4 Decoder

A Novel Design of Reversible 2:4 Decoder


Reversible logic has received great importance in the recent years because of its feature of reduction in power dissipation. It finds applications in low power digital designs, quantum computing, nanotechnology, DNA computing etc. Large number of researches are currently ongoing on sequential and combinational circuits using reversible logic. Decoders are one of the most important circuits used in combinational logic. Different approaches have been proposed for their design. In this article, we have proposed a novel design of 2:4 decoder and have used it to build a 3:8 decoder. The quantum cost for 4:16 decoder using the proposed design has been compared with a previously existing design and the design has been generalised to decoder with n inputs. A mathematical estimation of the quantum cost for n inputs decoder has been provided.


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