Personal Business Intelligence Organziner


PERSONAL Business Intelligence ORGANIZER


This project titled PERSONAL Business Intelligence ORGANIZER was developed for a software development company. This project keeps an account of the number of projects handled by the company and their status. Its main objective is the need for monitoring system, which can store the day-to-day activities of the developers and administrators. The system enables to maintain a record and to monitor the progress of the work carried within the organization on daily basis.


This project is developed for the administrative purpose in a software company. The administrator has the full control on the project status being handled by the company. The administrator monitors the every day report of each project handled by the company. They can monitor progress of each developer and the current status of each project individually. The main objective of this project is to monitor the everyday status of each project and the developer’s contribution towards it.


The following are the modules involved in Project Monitoring System


Employee Detail Module

Customer Detail Module

Project Detail Module

Project Scheduling Module

Employee Scheduling Module

Report Generation Module


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