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On the Heel Property Search


In the modern world, computers have become inevitable in all the fields where precise planning, analysis, calculations are needed.  Computers have become part and parcel of day-to-day life.  It is being utilized in various fields like Industries, Banks, Railways, Office, Business Centers, and Educational Institution etc.


This project largely deals with the topic “On the Heel Property Search”, which is mainly deals with the handling of buying, selling of land, residential and other properties.

            The primary task ofOn the Heel Property Searchis to maintain information about property details, maintain the property details, records, inspection and verification of files and reporting the details, selling and buying of property as per the value of the property.

Objectives of the System


            The main objective of this project is to


  • Track the property details
  • Maintain the property file
  • Update the project management plans
  • Generate property reports
  • Create and sustain property database.
  • Contractor’s Management.
  • Budget Management
  • Broker and Re-sale strategies


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