Credit Card Fraud Detection



The project titled “Credit Card Fraud Detection” is designed using PHP as front end and MY-SQL as back end.
Due to a rapid advancement in the electronic commerce technology, the use of credit cards has dramatically increased. Unfortunately credit card fraud is a fact-of-life for all merchants who accept credit card payments as part of their business operation.
The problem of fraud diagnosis can be seen as separating two kinds of events: the good and the bad transactions.
Credit card fraud detection receives the card details and the value of purchase to verify whether the transaction is genuine or not. The types of goods that are bought in that transaction are not known to the Credit card fraud detection. It tries to find any anomaly in the transaction based on the spending profile of the cardholder, shipping address, and billing address, etc. If the Credit card fraud detection confirms the transaction to be malicious, it raises an alarm, and the issuing bank declines the transaction

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