Intelligent Tourist System Project

Intelligent Tourist System Project


User Section:
1) A login page will appear initially and the user has to login in order to continue
2) If the user is new he/she will have to fill the registration form (username, password, email, firstname, lastname, etc.) current location of the user is obtained by the use of gps.
3) These details will be submitted to an online database.
4) After logging in, the user will get a screen with 2 tabs.

1. it will contain a set of questionnaire which the user has to reply using radio buttons.
2. Based on the answer provided by the user, an intelligent tree algorithm will run and 1-3 best results will be provided from the online database
3.Clicking on each result will provide the user with the description of spots/locations along with the pictures. The user will also have the option to view the exact location of the spot on Google map

Tab 2:
1. This section allows user to make a manual search for various tourist locations by country, city area, name of place.

Admin Dashboard(Dotnet Application):

Admin can operate the system from a web application through his browser.
The system also consists of an admin dashboard where admin can login and enter places into the database with images, information, type of location and position on maps.
Also admin can add edit the questionnaire for the user to fill.

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