A Novel Realization of Reversible LFSR for its Application in Cryptography

A Novel Realization of Reversible LFSR for its Application in Cryptography


One-to-one mapping from input to output is the necessary condition for a reversible computational model transiting from one state of abstract machine to another. Probably, the biggest motivation to study reversible technologies is that, it is considered to be the best effective way to enhance the energy efficiency than the conventional models. The research on reversibility has shown greater impact to have enormous applications in emerging technologies such as Quantum Computing, QCA, Nanotechnology and Low Power VLSI. In this paper, we have realized novel reversible architecture of Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) and Parallel Signature Analyzer (PSA) and have explored these in terms of delay, quantum cost and garbage. While approaching for LFSR, we have shown new reversible realization of Serial Input Serial Output (SISO) and Serial Input Parallel Output (SIPO) registers up to N-bit and analyzed their delay, quantum cost & garbage in terms of some lemmas, which will outperform the existing designs available in literature.


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