Alumni Interaction Management Systems

Alumni Interaction Management System


In this project, we are developing a real time Android Mobile Application. This App provides a platform for sharing information among different categories of the job available details and brings information together from diverse source in a uniform way. The category mainly includes Alumni Students. The App will be a mobile app which runs on any Android Operating System.

The Alumni will be always interested and keen to maintain relations with the institution he/she studied. With this app, they can contribute much to the institution in the form of providing guidance to their juniors regarding their career opportunities. Alumni once register into the account he/she will add upcoming job vacancy details. Admin can view all the student records, alumni student records, job vacancy details added by alumni students. Staff only is having rights to add all the student records and to provide the login username and password to the student. Staff can also view all the alumni student register into the apps and job vacancy details. Management login into the apps and forward the alumni meeting related details to the alumni student.


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