Design of Optimized Reversible Binary and BCD Adders

Design of Optimized Reversible Binary and BCD Adders


Reversible logic has emerged as a possible low cost alternative to conventional logic in terms of speed, power consumption and computing capability. An adder block is a very basic and essential component for any processor and optimized design of these adders’ results in efficient processors. In this work we propose optimized Binary adders and BCD adders. The adders designed in this work are optimized for Quantum cost, Delay and Area. A modified BCD adder is also proposed which removes redundancy in the circuit and acts as most efficient BCD adder. Here we explore the use of Negative control lines for detecting overflow logic of BCD adder which considerably reduces Quantum cost, delay and gate count which result in high speed BCD adder with optimized area which give way to lot of scope in the field of reversible computing in near future.


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