A Novel Multi-Input Converter Using Soft-Switched Single-Switch Input Modules with Integrated Power Factor Correction Capability for Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

A novel multi-input converter using soft-switched single-switch input modules with integrated power factor correction capability for hybrid renewable energy systems


The energy consumption of the information technology (IT) data centers and servers have been increasing rapidly for the past decade. In order to reduce global warming and conserve depleting sources of fossil fuel, hybrid wind-solar energy systems can be an attractive alternative energy source to supply clean and sustainable energy for powering the IT data centers and servers. To minimize the cost and power losses in individual power converter of the conventional hybrid renewable energy system, multi-input converters (MICs) are an attractive solution. This paper proposed a new quasi-resonant soft-switched MIC with integrated power factor correction (PFC) for hybrid wind-solar energy systems. The proposed MIC topology requires only one switch in each input module and all the switches are able to achieve zero voltage switching (ZVS) turn-on and zero current switching (ZCS) turn-off for individual and simultaneous operation for different operating conditions. The operating principles of the proposed circuit are provided. Results are given on a hybrid wind-solar energy system with 48V-output to highlight the performance of the proposed circuit.



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