Android Application for Question Bank Management System

Android application for question bank management system





Android is the first complete, open and free mobile platform. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance, a group of more than 30 technology and mobile companies. It is supported by Google and this project uses a Google Android Mobile SDK 1.0 for testing an application. Modern hand held devices such smart phones and PDAs have become increasingly powerful in recent years. Most cell phone regularly includes Cameras, Processors comparable to PCs from only a few years ago.


This application will be implemented in android technology. The main aim of our application is providing different question bank required for students during studies. Now-a-days almost every student has a smart phone (android).So our application will help the students to get all question banks at a single place, there will be no need to search for question papers on different sites. Likewise searching notes for the different subjects is hectic for students so to overcome these problems this application will be develop. In this system we present a smart question paper generating system. In our system we allow administrator (i.e. staff) to input a set of questions and respective answers for option ticking.


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