Nonlinear Coordinated Steering and Braking Control of vision based autonomous vehicle in emergency obstacle avoidance

Nonlinear Coordinated Steering and Braking Control of Vision-based Autonomous Vehicles in Emergency Obstacle Avoidance


This paper discusses dynamic control design for automated driving of vision-based autonomous vehicles, with a special focus on the coordinated steering and braking control in emergency obstacle avoidance. An autonomous vehicle is a complex multi-input and multi-output (MIMO) system, which possesses the features of parameter uncertainties and strong nonlinearities, and the coupled phenomena of longitudinal and lateral dynamics are evident in a combined cornering and braking maneuver. In this work, an effective coordinated control system for automated driving is proposed to deal with these coupled and nonlinear features and reject the disturbances. First, a vision algorithm is constructed to detect the reference path and provide the local location information between vehicles and reference path in real time. Then, a novel coordinated steering and braking control strategy is proposed based on the nonlinear backstepping control theory and the adaptive fuzzy sliding-mode control technique, and the asymptotic convergence of the proposed coordinated control system is proven by the Lyapunov theory. Finally, experimental tests manifest that the proposed control strategy possesses favorable tracking performance and enhances the riding comfort and stability of autonomous vehicles.


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