Loss-Free Resistor-Based Power Factor Correction Using A Semi-Bridgeless Boost Rectifier In Sliding-Mode Control

Loss-Free Resistor-Based Power Factor Correction Using a Semi-Bridgeless Boost Rectifier in Sliding-Mode Control


In this paper, a loss-free resistor based on a semi-bridgeless rectifier is proposed for power factor correction applications. This particular bridgeless rectifier type is composed of two different boost cells which operate complementarily during each half-line cycle. In case of two unbalanced inductors, many control techniques can produce different inductor current ripples during each half-line cycle that can result in the addition of a dc component to the line current. This paper demonstrates that the application of sliding-mode control by means of hysteretic controllers results in a first-order stable system that can mitigate these harmful consequences due to its capability to ensure the symmetry of the line input current waveform for both positive and negative half-line cycles. Thus, the system does not absorb any dc component from the grid and it is also capable of reducing dramatically the amplitude of the third harmonic. The theoretical predictions have been validated by means of PSIM simulations and experimentally on a prototype of 1 kW which has been controlled using only one sliding control surface.

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