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Automatic movable railway platform with train arrival detection and monitoring over internet of things (IoT)

Technical Specifications:


Title of the project                  :         Automatic movable railway platform with train arrival

detection and monitoring over internet of things (IoT)

Domain                                   :         Embedded Systems Design

Power Supply                          :         +9V, 500mA Regulated Power Supply

Microcontroller                       :           LPC2148/AT89S52

Software                                 :           Embedded C, Keil, Proload

Display                                    :           16×2 LCD Display

Communication device           :           2 IR Module

Applications                            :           Railways





The main aim of this project is to automate railway track pedestrian crossing without use staircase & announce the status of the arrival for platform users. In this system is also used to avoid accident problems. Because, now a days train accidents are occurring frequently in India.

This project identifies the status of each train using IR transceivers and informs it to microcontroller. So this project is useful for railway departments. The recent survey from the social analytics was said that the most disadvantages in Indian railway is climbing up the overhead steps for the physically challenged people. Our proposed system mainly deals with the rectification of this disadvantage. Here we introducing the new concept of artificial railway platform. For the successful approach we are using two sensors and for the execution we are using H-bridge and for the controlling operations we are using microcontroller.

When the train comes near the artificial platform, the proximity sensor senses the train and gives informs to the microcontroller. So that the platform is not connected during the arrival of the train.

When the train is far away from the artificial platform the signal is given to Microcontroller, then the output signal from the controller is send to H -Bridge. Then platform is connected to allow people to walk from one platform to another easily without any strain of climbing stairs. All the information is available in web using IoT module interfaced to the controller.


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