Obstacle Detection And Collision Avoidance For A UAV With Complementary Low-Cost Sensors

Obstacle Detection and Collision Avoidance for a UAV With Complementary Low-Cost Sensors


This paper demonstrates an innovative and simple solution for obstacle detection and collision avoidance of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) optimized for and evaluated with quadrotors. The sensors exploited in this paper are low-cost ultrasonic and infrared range finders, which are much cheaper though noisier than more expensive sensors such as laser scanners. This needs to be taken into consideration for the design, implementation, and parametrization of the signal processing and control algorithm for such a system, which is the topic of this paper. For improved data fusion, inertial and optical flow sensors are used as a distance derivative for reference. As a result, a UAV is capable of distance controlled collision avoidance, which is more complex and powerful than comparable simple solutions. At the same time, the solution remains simple with a low computational burden. Thus, memory and time-consuming simultaneous localization and mapping is not required for collision avoidance.

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