Designing of an Optimized Building Integrated Hybrid Energy Generation System

Designing of an optimized building integrated hybrid energy generation system


This paper deals with designing a biomass and solar based hybrid power plant for residential building. The main focus of this work is to propose a hybrid energy system consists of biomass and solar PV. The system will produce enough electricity to power up an entire building just by collecting MSW and solar energy. As a part of this work, various research were done regarding different processes and techniques of biomass power plant which will be suitable for electricity production for a building. This work mainly includes designing of the hybrid power plant, estimating its cost and calculating different loads using Homer Pro software. Schematic diagram of the plant along with waste management are also within the scope of this paper. This proposed hybrid plant has a peak load of 115 KW. Average energy consumption of the building is estimated approximately 1399kwh/day and it will consume almost 1584 kg of biomass per day. The proposed system is designed to provide approximately 70-80% of energy from the biomass, 20% from PV and the rest will be dependent on main grid line.


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