An Integrated Cloud-based Smart Home Management System with Community Hierarchy

An integrated cloud-based smart home management system with community hierarchy


This paper presents a smart home management system in which a community broker role is used for integrating community services, thereby reducing the workload of community management staff, providing electronic information services, and deepening the community’s integration with the surrounding environment. At the home end, a home intranet was created by integrating a fixed touch panel with a home controller system and various sensors and devices to deliver, for example, energy, scenario information, and security functions. The community end comprises a community server and community personal computers, and connects to devices (e.g., video cameras and building automation devices) in other community systems and to the home networks. Furthermore, to achieve multiple in home displays, standard interface devices can be employed to separate the logic and user interfaces. This study also determined that the message queuing telemetry transport protocol can provide optimal home control services in smart home systems, whereas hypertext transfer protocol is optimal for delivering location-based information integration services.


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