Student Information System



A hotel reservation system  provide a web site that can allow a user to search and reserve a hotel room or cancel his/her reservation over the internet at any time, and the  travel agent or other authorized user and enters information relating to the traveler and the reservation into a hotel reservation terminal. The reservation information is transferred to transaction processor via a communications link, where the processor automatically generates transaction documents related to the traveler, the travel agent and the hotel accommodations. These transaction documents are then sequentially transmitted by the processor using a facsimile to various parties having an interest in the reservation transaction. A confirmation document is sent to the hotel for which the accommodations have been reserved. The banking institution through which the transaction has been financed is notified to pay the hotel and others, and the travel agent is also sent a confirming transaction document. Travel agents can request an account to be a member to the hotel reservation system.


  • Search a room
  • Login
  • Crate a new customer account
  • Apply for an account
  • Generate a report
  • Cancel a reservation
  • Add/Update a Hotel
  • Add/Update a Room
  • Approve/Disapprove travel agent account


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