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Nautical Telematics system


This is a marine based Telematics system designed to give boat operators access for navigation, maintenance and emergency services via web-based application so that the boat and the response center details can be maintained and updated frequently.  It helps to track, manage, monitor and control all assets in sea. It integrates satellite and wireless communications providing companies. It is developed with strategic parternership. Telematric system, consisting of a longitudinal and transversal excitation details which will be updated regularly.  The data network details of the marine will be maintained in a centralized database and the administrator will be having the rights to modify the network details and the frequency details.

Telemetric          Solution        Benefits:

  • Nautical Telematics system offer several functional advantages over other products:
  • In many cases, a Telemetric load management solution pays for itself to track details
  • System reliability is improved by a direct, positive confirmation that a command was carried out
  • The cellular data network coverage details will be updated and can be viewed at any time.


The status reports can be generated at any time.


The project contains the below modules:

  • Nautical Catalog
  • Marine governing module
  • Boat operation module
  • Wireless network module
  • Report module

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