Edge Detection Method for Image Processing based on Generalized Type-2 Fuzzy Logic

Edge-Detection Method for Image Processing Based on Generalized Type-2 Fuzzy Logic


This paper presents an edge-detection method that is based on the morphological gradient technique and generalized type-2 fuzzy logic. The theory of alpha planes is used to implement generalized type-2 fuzzy logic for edge detection. For the defuzzification process, the heights and approximation methods are used. Simulation results with a type-1 fuzzy inference system, an interval type-2 fuzzy inference system, and with a generalized type-2 fuzzy inference system for edge detection are presented. The proposed generalized type-2 fuzzy edge-detection method was tested with benchmark images and synthetic images. We used the merit of Pratt measure to illustrate the advantages of using generalized type-2 fuzzy logic.

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