Passenger BUS Alert System for Easy Navigation of Blind

Passenger BUS alert system for easy navigation of blind


Talking signs, guide cane, echolocations are all useful in navigating the visually challenged people to reach their destination, but the main objective is not reached that it fails to join them with traffic. In this project we propose a bus system using wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The blind people in the bus station is provided with a ZigBee unit which is recognized by the ZigBee in the bus and the indication is made in the bus that the blind people is present in the station. So the bus stops at the particular station. The desired bus that the blind want to take is notified to him with the help of speech recognition system HM2007. The blind gives the input about the place he has to reach using microphones and the voice recognition system recognizes it. The input is then analyzed by the microcontroller which generates the bus numbers corresponding to the location provided by the blind. These bus numbers are converted into audio output using the voice synthesizer APR 9600. The ZigBee transceiver in the bus sends the bus number to the transceiver with the blind and the bus number is announced to the blind through the headphones. The blind takes the right bus parked in front of him and when the destination is reached it is announced by means of the GPS-634R which is connected with the controller and voice synthesizer which produces the audio output. This project is also aimed at helping the elder people for independent navigation.

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