Front-End Converter With Integrated PFC and DC-DC Functions for a Fuel Cell UPS With DSP-Based Control

Front-End Converter With Integrated PFC and DC–DC Functions for a Fuel Cell UPS With DSP-Based Control


This paper presents the development of a boost converter with integrated power factor correction (PFC) and dc-dc functions for a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) uninterruptable power supply (UPS). Through the use of a passive resonant soft-commutation cell, which besides providing improvements in efficiency and reduced electromagnetic interference, produces a naturally controlled supercapacitor charger circuit. Supercapacitors are employed in order to provide a proper startup of the PEMFC and to improve its dynamic response. The control strategy is implemented using a digital signal processor and is based on the average current control method for sinusoidal input current imposition ensuring, therefore, a high input power factor and low harmonic distortion of current. The main features of the proposed solution are the use of a PEMFC as an energy storage system, which replace the battery banks commonly used in UPS systems, eliminating the common drawbacks related to working life and maintenance issues, and the use of a front-end converter with integrated PFC and dc-dc functions eliminating the necessity of using an additional and dedicated dc-dc converter for the PEMFC. During power failure or even in conditions of severe voltage sags on the ac mains, the PEMFC is activated assuring the continuous power supply to the electronic load connected to the dc link. In this paper, the authors present the full study description including experimental results that corroborate with the theory herein presented.

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