A Hybrid Controller Design for Complex Network Systems with Hybrid Automaton-Based Convergence Analysis

A hybrid controller design for complex network systems with hybrid automaton-based convergence analysis


This paper proposes a hybrid controller with an event-based switching design for complex network systems, and analyzes the convergence result with network hybrid automaton models. Specifically, the main contributions of the paper are fourfold. First, a hybrid controller design is proposed for a wide spectrum of complex network systems. Second, a class of hybrid dynamical systems is described via a hybrid automaton model; and some invariance convergence results for this class of hybrid dynamical systems are proposed. Third, a network automaton model is presented to capture the details of the closed-loop system; and the convergence results are proved. Finally, the hybrid network controller is applied to the Kunder’s two-area, four-machine power system, the implementation of the hybrid network controller for the power network in Simulink is presented, and the simulation is conducted to show the efficacy of the proposed hybrid controller design.


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