Offline Soft-Switched LED Driver Based on an Integrated Bridgeless Boost�Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Converter

Offline Soft-Switched LED Driver Based on an Integrated Bridgeless Boost–Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Converter


This paper proposes an offline single-stage light-emitting diode (LED) driver based on a novel approach to reduce low-frequency ripple in LED arrays supplied from mains, while assuring high input power factor (PF). The proposal employs a series resonant dc-dc converter integrated into a bridgeless boost power factor correction (PFC) stage. The resonant stage works to reduce the low-frequency ripple transmitted from the output of the PFC stage to the LEDs with only small power losses. This solution achieves three main goals: 1) reduction of the bulk capacitance used at the dc bus, allowing for the use of long-life film capacitors; 2) increase in the overall efficiency of the LED driver owing to the low switching and conduction losses in the shared switching network; and 3) assuring high input PF. Experimental results of a driver without electrolytic capacitors for a 100-W street lighting LED luminaire are presented, showing overall efficiency in excess of 92%, input PF greater than 0.97, and line current harmonic content in compliance with the IEC 61000-3-2 standard.

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