A Scalable and Reliable Matching Service for Content-Based Publish Subscribe Systems

A Scalable and Reliable Matching Service for Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Systems


Characterized by the increasing arrival rate of live content, the emergency applications pose a great challenge: how to disseminate large-scale live content to interested users in a scalable and reliable manner. The publish/subscribe (pub/sub) model is widely used for data dissemination because of its capacity of seamlessly expanding the system to massive size. However, most event matching services of existing pub/sub systems either lead to low matching throughput when matching a large number of skewed subscriptions, or interrupt dissemination when a large number of servers fail. The cloud computing provides great opportunities for the requirements of complex computing and reliable communication. In this paper, we propose SREM, a scalable and reliable event matching service for content-based pub/sub systems in cloud computing environment. To achieve low routing latency and reliable links among servers, we propose a distributed overlay SkipCloud to organize servers of SREM. Through a hybrid space partitioning technique HPartition, large-scale skewed subscriptions are mapped into multiple subspaces, which ensures high matching throughput and provides multiple candidate servers for each event. Moreover, a series of dynamics maintenance mechanisms are extensively studied. To evaluate the performance of SREM, 64 servers are deployed and millions of live content items are tested in a CloudStack testbed. Under various parameter settings, the experimental results demonstrate that the traffic overhead of routing events in SkipCloud is at least 60 percent smaller than in Chord overlay, the matching rate in SREM is at least 3.7 times and at most 40.4 times larger than the single-dimensional partitioning technique of BlueDove. Besides, SREM enables the event loss rate to drop back to 0 in tens of seconds even if a large number of servers fail simultaneously.

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