Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Based Approach for Power Quality Monitoring and Data Compression

Dual  Tree  Complex  Wavelet  Transform  Based  Approach  for Power Quality Monitoring and Data Compression


Power quality disturbance is a one the challenging issues, where many researchers are gaining the attention towards it, now a day it is very much necessary to monitor power quality disturbances for analyze and other purpose. The quantity of the data captured in present power quality monitoring system has been increasing drastically. It is difficult to store and transmission huge data. So compression technique is required to reduce the storage space for data. This paper proposes Dual tree complex wavelet transform (DTCWT) method for power quality monitoring and integrates run length encoding technique for compress disturbance data. Voltage sag, swell, transients and flickers are Power quality disturbances used to test the proposed method. And Matlab was used for generation of test signals and to implement the different algorithms for data compression.


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